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International Shipping

Due to U.S. law, Ranger Point gun parts require either US State Department approval or Department of Commerce approval and an export license is necessary before they can be shipped out of the United States. 

Generally speaking, items which need a license are:

  • Firearms
  • Firearms Parts
  • Optical Sights
  • Reloading Components

Licenses from the US State Department and the Department of Commerce take time to receive.  It can easily take 30-60 days to obtain an export license, so plan ahead accordingly.

Ranger Point Precision has an obligation to monitor our shipments for both direct and indirect exports. A direct export is when an order is placed by someone outside of the United States and then ships out of the US when all the required licenses and have been successfully issued for that order. An indirect export is where an order is placed by a customer outside of the US and then is shipped to another location within the United States. Both of these examples could need an export license to take place.  Generally speaking it is Ranger Points policy not to ship any order to a known forwarder or carrier within the United States (e.g. Shipito,

For firearms, firearms parts, on some other items you will be required to set-up an export account with a company with an export license that can draft up the paperwork for you, collect the fee and ship your items to you. Here's a list on of various firearm parts export services companies.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is administered by The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) through the US Department of State. Click here for more information on License Support Documentation information from DDTC: or here for information on licensing for items regulated by the Department of Commerce:

UK Dealers

Canada, Australia, New Zealand Shipping

United States law (specifically the “ITAR” – International Traffic in Arms Regulations”) allows for the export without an export license of certain firearm-related parts and components. Borderview International Shipping is one company that is licensed to help Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders import firearm parts.

Canada Pricing -

Australia and New Zealand Pricing -

Steps to ordering Ranger Point Parts:

1) Complete a Borderview “Small Parts Exemption Request” form to get your approval to proceed and shipping instructions.

2) Place your order on our website and use Borderview shipping address provided to you. 

3) We'll package up and ship your order to Borderview so they can legally export and ship it to you.