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Customer Reviews


Thanks to all of our customers for the support and kind words!


I installed the RPP M/94 extractor claw into my 1980 Marlin 1894 .357 that had the old style spring steel extractor. Installation was a breeze (after cleaning the crud out of the hole!). Action cycled fine so next step was to get to the range with it which I did yesterday. I also brought my tool kit and my 1995 44 mag rifle so I could install it in that rifle while at the range.

I set up at 50 yards and had 150 rds of PMC .357 and 50 rds of PMC 38spl. I tried the 38spl first, loaded up 5 rounds and chambered the first one without a hitch. This rifle is usually fussy about shooting 38's. Shot the 5 rds without a problem, loaded again and no problems. Shot the whole box and cycled perfect, neatly tossing the empties at 2 o'clock. I went to the .357 next and had zero issues with those. I shot strings a bit slower as the barrel was getting quite hot but it had zero functioning issues. The action feels like it cycles a bit smoother while feeding and like it did with the 38spl, it put all empties in a nice pile at 2 o'clock. No matter how slow/easy or hard/fast I cycled it, the empties always went at 2 o'clock. Makes it real easy to pick up brass when it's in a neat pile. I shot off bags for most of the session so I was able to keep my brass landing right on the bench by cycling it "softly”.

Once I used up my ammo I took it apart and removed the RPP extractor and sadly re-installed the spring steel stock one. Then I pulled the bolt from the 44 mag, popped out the old extractor and installed the RPP, right there on the shooting bench. Installation was again very quick and easy. In the second photo you can see the stock late style factory extractor and the RRP replacement, which in this photo already had 200 rds on it from the .357 test. After putting the rifle together I got my 44 ammo out and got to work.

The ammo I used for the Marlin 44 mag testing were all reloads from February 1999, 100 of them. I had a pile of 44 mag ammo from 1999 but I'm finally down to my last 4 boxes so I grabbed two for this test run. I loaded up 5 rds, first one fed easily, shot and extracted easily as did the remaining rounds. I noticed during the first 5 shots that I was getting the same ejection of the empties as I had with the .357, all tossed at 2 o'clock. Neither one of these rifles used to do that. I shot the first box of 50 without a hitch, let it cool for a bit while some fellow shooters showed up and got set up. Once shooting resumed, I put the remaining 50 through it without issue. It felt like it cycles smoother than it used to, and did I mention it tosses the empties neatly at 2 c'clock?

I can't wait to get some of these for all my 94's once they get them rolling out. I plan to equip all 5 of my 1894's with this new “claw!’ Big Thank You to Adam/RPP for letting me test one of these. I'm sold. When can I place my order?!


Just finished testing the new Ranger Point Precision, Marlin 1894 extractor. The rifles used were a .38 Special CBC, 24" bbl Cowboy Limited in .44 mag, and a 1982 .44 mag carbine.

All I can say is-THIS is the extractor that Marlin should have used to start with. My '82 carbine has been somewhat of a problem child over the years with extraction. Especially the last case. Not no more. Also-My wife and I are SASS cowboy shooters, and run our Marlin's often, and hard.

That said-The new style extractor was a very nice fit in ALL 3 rifles, and very well made. No mods were needed to the rifle's bolt, and the cases and live ammo are now far more consistent in ejection than with any Marlin, OEM extractor. The new extractor ejects the cases in a 2-3 o'clock direction, about 3-4 feet out. The OEM ejector would eject in a 1-2 o'clock direction. The 2-3 o'clock direction is very nice as it makes it much easier to recover your cases at a cowboy shoot. I will buy 2 more of the new ejectors when they hit the market! Thank you

Adam, for letting me test this out. Your workmanship is top.

7/31/17 update: Ran 2, M/94's in SASS cowboy competition over the weekend, with the RPP extractors in both guns. One was my (no-longer) problem child 1982 mfg .44 carbine, and my wife used her .38 Special CBC. The first thing my wife said after her first stage, was that her rifle has never been this smooth/easy to cycle in all the years she has used it. Her CBC was very good-NOW, it's fantastic. All empties eject to the 2-3 o'clock position now.

I ran real black powder in my .44, and had no issues at all, All cases ejected to the 2-3 o'clock position also. Till I installed the RPP extractor. I would at times have issues with ejection of the last case. Not anymore.
The fact that the tubular housing and the 'claw' are electroless nickel plated sure helps with the smoothness of the 'claw's' movement. This plating will also reduce corrosion concerns.
To Adam & Kimberly, plus the entire RPP crew. THANK YOU for this product!


I finally had a chance try out the Universal 3/8" Dovetail Rear and Front Sight. In my case, the front sight was "just what the doctor ordered" for my Henry Big Boy Steel in 357/38 spcl. The rifle shoots far to the right with the factory sights. There was no way I could drift the front sight in the dovetail to get a proper windage setting. With the RPP sight I was able to easily move the front sight to the extreme right position needed to get POI centered. Wow! A front sight I can easily adjust! Whodathunk?

Now to the rear sight. I am a big fan of the Ghost Ring Sight so I was really surprised to find I like the RPP rear sight even better! For me, target acquisition is quicker than the ghost ring - and that's saying a lot! For some reason the open top on the RPP sight makes the aiming more intuitive for me.

And, the simple elevation adjustment is both quick and precise. The RPP Universal 3/8" Dovetail Rear and Front Sights rate five stars in my book. - T.S


Top notch machining! The part is so small and the details were sharply cut and all edges dressed and covered with a nice satin black finish. Very professionally done. 1) The dovetail literally installed with finger pressure and the set screw and 2) worked as designed for creating tension/friction to keep the dovetailed sight in the desired location. 3) The brightly colored, rear facing front sight post also has a very well defined front sight tip apex easy to focus on even in the shaded cover I was under. 4) The front post has an isosceles triangular shape and a distinct step at the base which is easily identified for a secondary aiming point should you need it.

When using it as designed on my Marlin 444SS, I was able to use the secondary aiming point (flat base outline centered between the open top-colored line if there is enough light). The elevation change from sight tip to bottom of triangle was approximately 6"-8" from the 50yard-100yard target to center of groups. I fired 1 round with 2 minutes between shots to allow for cooling in 5 shot strings between range hot/cold commands. Further testing utilizing the sight "as designed" to come. But, you have to admit, even utilizing it "not as designed" I still impressed the couple next to me shooting AR15's at 25yards and 50yards using an Eotech and /Red Dot as well as the RSO's who exclaimed, "Whoa! What kind of canon are you shooting?" The retrieved targets would have been minute of hog, bear, coyote, deer or man out to 150 yards anyways.

Using RPP's Universal Rear Sight, elevation changes can be worked out by counting exposed threads of the elevation setscrew or by 1/4, 1/2, etc. turns of the supplied Allen wrench. No clicks, no "1 click = 1/4" @ 100 yards math to figure out. I simply loosened the tension screw on the rear sight, split the difference (using only my fingers) from the right edge and tightened after my first 5 shot sighting round. Group was then centered at "x" and elevation was dead on already with only 1 thread showing on elevation setscrew. Easy peasy.


I installed the 3/8 dovetail rear sight and a front sight on a Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine in 44 Mag. I previously had installed an XS Ghost ring and a taller Marbles front sight. They were a bugger to get off, wow the RPP sights were nice to install. Just slid in and tightened down. I'm very familiar with a front sight like this after using an Ithaca 37 slug gun for years. The orange triangle takes a while to get used to for precise shooting, but are great for hunting. The sights are very similar to a ghost ring or Marbles Bullseye rear. The front is very easy to pick up and center for quick aiming in hunting situations. The cross slot and break in the top of the rear are very well thought out. You can use a quick acquisition picture in the woods then learn the change in elevation for an open shot, very helpful on a short Barrel 44. I like these sights. They give you the ability to shoot for precision, but more importantly good for hunting. These were slow fired and took care to get same sight pic each time. The real advantage to these is pulling up and shooting a larger target.


Chris Rowe

I just got my rifle back today. Not only was it two weeks early but the workmanship was flawless. I sent my Marlin 1894 out on March 2, 2017 to have the barrel cut to 16.5" and threaded as well as having a front sight drilled, tapped and installed. I received the finished product back on March 20th in perfect working order and all work completed to my specification.

Mr. and Mrs. Devine put up with my constant emails back and forth asking about every aspect of the work to be done before I felt comfortable sending them my rifle. They took it all in stride, answering each of my questions promptly and with expertise. I'm very happy with the work and as you can see by the pictures, Ranger Point Precision did one hell of a job.



Dennis Lattis

I own a RPP 445 Super Mag the smiths at RPP made it right and it is outstanding, I have to say they put up with a lot from me especially when my payment got lost.

W Hamilton

Best in the business when it comes to lever guns. Never seen a lever gun that comes close to as smooth or with as good of a trigger as RPP 336c. Put my Ranger Point Precision Marlin 336 30-30 to use this morning on a big buck. Thanks guys for building me such a great rifle!

David Matthews
Adam and Pat have tuned up several of my Marlin Lever Guns and have also customized an older Marlin for me. They do beautiful hand-crafted work. I highly recommend their services.

Roger Eckstine
RPP did such a good job turning my old worn out 3Gun AR from the 1990s into a precision rifle I'm bringing them parts to finish up my ultimate prairie dog gun. See you at Rifle Ranch in White Owl, SD.

Will Isaacks
I needed a dovetail filler blank for my Marlin 336 after installing a receiver sight. My wife picked up one of yours last week. It is a really nice blank, low profile and fit perfectly. Much better than the big clunky blanks that other gun shops have. By the way, I heard about you guys on the MarlinOwners forum. Thanks!

Jeremiah Bridges
I stopped in while passing through the Houston area to grab a big loop lever. Adam was extremely friendly and knowledgeable not only about his lever gun passion but precision tune gunsmithing. I bought more than I planned to and was glad I did. I look forward to stopping by again soon for another addition. These guys are seriously passionate and good at what they do. Thanks Adam!

Russell Sullivan
I own a Springfield Armory Omega 1911 (RPP 10mm Guide Rod). This weapon is 28 years old and I can no longer get parts for it . I broke the guide rod. Crushed and defeated after looking on the Web calling on every lead I could get. Nothing available. I called Ranger Point and told them what I had and immediately felt secure that these guys knew what the are talking about. I put it in their hands and a few short weeks later my weapon was alive again. Rebuilt and stronger than before after being turned away from several shops. Ranger Point succeeded in becoming my go to guys for whatever I'll need in the future. Ranger Point had it done and back in my hands, better than new in a few weeks. Can't stress enough how happy I am with their service, quality and professional work. One very Happy Customer.

David Ruddick
I received the custom .45 ACP Marlin lever-action rifle today, and it is BEAUTIFUL! Excellent craftsmanship is apparent throughout the firearm. I am looking forward to shooting it as soon as I can get some time. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company and I have nothing but the highest praise for your work. Thanks very much for all you’ve done. Please put me on the list of those exceptionally satisfied customers.

George W
I live in San Antonio and thought about driving over to save shipping. After the very fast and professional service I received from you, I’ll make sure to stop in next time I’m a little closer. I love the large loop lever… very well thought out and, aesthetically, the best looking one out there for sure. Your integrated rail / iron sights are pure genius. I predict you won’t be able to keep those in stock. It is way, way cool. You guys are doing great, keep it going.

Larry B

The Marlin 336 scope mount base is very precision and the 10 moa required no shimming, which I have always had to do trapdoor level loads. The same base made for the Rem 742/740/760 type guns would be equally useful if you don't already have one. Very satisfied. 

Mark L 

This is by far the best rail I've had my hands on for converting my Marlin 1894's weaver rail to a picatinny rail. The service was great and shipment was fast. I was a little disheartened that RPP offered the use of the anti-2nd amendment group PayPal


I already have my Marlin 45 70 rifle back! I dropped it off around 10:30 this morning and Patrick called me at 3:30 this afternoon to let me know he was finished. Talk about smooth!!!!! I own quite a few older Marlins. I thought I knew what smooth is. There is no comparison. It really is amazing what Patrick did to my rifle (trigger and action service). And, like he said - I can't tell when I'm cycling the action that I am feeding a round into the chamber. And the trigger - no creep and I'm guessing about 3 lbs. MarlinOwners Forum

R Cobb 

Thanks for adjusting the gas system on my Remington 1100. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They show a passion for their craft, as they turn out quality work. I shot everything I could find in 2 3/4" today, without a hiccup.

D Holman 

Thank you Ranger Point Precision, I just received my new Marlin Papoose Hand guard and installed it. fits perfect and looks marvelous, can't wait to try it out at the range.

Don P 

Just purchased your big loop lever for my 1954 Marlin straight grip 336. I absolutely love it. It was a "drop-in" fit with no filing required. The only difficult part was driving the pin out of the old lever. The new lever is very comfortable, well finished, and much more attractive than your competitors'. Functions great. Not quite as smooth as the original, but then it hasn't had 62 years of break-in!

M Miller 

I received the rifle today by FedEx. As with my prior 44 Magnum build, the 357 Magnum Marlin 1894 is exceptional. You folks do amazing quality work, and you are worth every penny. Your service, responsiveness and turnaround time has been exemplary. Not only is the rifle a treat to shoot, beautiful to look at, but it shoots 0.3 MOA as you saw during testing. What else can you ask for? Now I have twin lever action RPP Marlin rifles which will be heirlooms for my son and daughter. As a guy who has run two different companies, I can't sing your praises enough. Simply phenomenal.

Rufus Standefer 

I finally had a chance to take the rifle to the range on Thursday. The gun is transformed. With the Warne 1” medium rings and your scope mount, I was able to get the 2x7 exactly where it wanted to be. The RPP medium loop lever, well my fingers say thanks, the stock lever was extremely unfriendly. With your lever and the slick new action, I had zero cycling issues. I can now cycle the rifle while holding target which was impossible before and I don't even notice the lever. The trigger on the gun that I sent you was one of the worst feeling triggers I have ever tried to use, gritty and unpredictable. Now it is just right. Attached is a sight in target, lower left as I walked in with factory loads, coreloct 200s lower left, top center the Hornady red tips. It was 95 degrees and I notice that this barrel strings up as it gets hot. Shooting was done at 100 yds seated, elbows resting on bench. The gun is far more accurate than I expected. Looking forward to testing it at 200 with hand loads, but she is ready to hunt with now. Thank you very much!

Jeff Fox 

Adam re-worked my 1894 44 mag to reliably feed large meplat cast bullets, smoothed the action, and lightened the trigger. The gun feeds flawlessly! I've bought 2 big loop levers and they are exceptional to include the instructions for tuning. Highly recommended.


These guys seem knowledgable about firearms and the pieces used to put them together. Very good communication via email or phone for as busy as they seemed when I walked in the door! Standard pricing is what led me here. I called another gunsmith and his pricing changed one week to the next. I'd rather pay a little more for honesty and transparency, as it's a reflection of the work that will be provided. Will most likely be dropping off more work in the future!


There are gunsmiths and there is Ranger Point Precision Folks, I finally had a chance to go over to Cypress Texas today and drop off a couple of rifles with RPP. I can only guess that Walt Disney had as much enthusiasm for what he did. I was astounded at the products (lever actions) I handled. I had to use breath control to keep my pulse down, jaw from dropping, and drool from dripping. My God they were beautiful!!! I'm thinkin that if you can dream it up, they can do it. This ain't no regular gunsmith operation, this is a fantasy land and art studio. I believe the best of the best would bow down to these guys. Nice down home folk too. Please don't hesitate to send them your rifle.

Keith J Thibodeaux 

Hey Guys: To Adam & all the gang at the shop, I love the gun, great attention to detail. You got all the features I wanted plus were so helpful when first discussing the project. Can not thank you enough for this. Highly recommended for all their services. Sincerely, Keith

Ed V. 

I picked up my Marlin 336 Classic custom yesterday and it is stunning! Kudos for your craftsmanship, fit and finish on this gun along with your big loop lever and scope mount! I can't stop admiring it and can't wait to shoot it. Again, my complements on your work which can only be described as first class.


I mounted the Rhino Rail with integral sight on my chopped, rebored 30AS 356W and all I can say is that it checks all the boxes for a scope mount with a backup sight. It is low profile and built bullet proof, yet very streamlined looking. I got a chance to shoot it this past weekend and at 50 yards was shooting a little over an inch groups. While I was planning this build I looked at all available options, and they all had weaknesses. Thank you Adam, for getting this out and getting it right. You guys rock!

Mike M 

I was looking for a large lever loop for my Marlin 336. I was running out of options until I stumbled onto your website. I am glad I did. I ordered the black one and received it fast. It fit perfectly.I replaced the plunger myself and could not be happier for the way it fills. Thanks. My old 35 is even better now! Mike M

Bill Stell 

Although the overall fit and finish is good, the stock lever on my new 'Marlington' 336Y was poorly finished with rough edges that were hard on my hands when cycling it. After reading around online, I decided to replace it with the Ranger Point Precision lever. I also ordered a set of their shims to tighten up the lever's fit into the receiver. When the new lever arrived, its superiority was immediately evident: edges nicely rounded and much more comfortable, 'hand-friendly' shape, overall way more aesthetically pleasing. However... it didn't fit my rifle! Or more precisely, when I inserted it, the bolt wouldn't cycle. Bummer! After emailing Adam at RPP and describing the symptoms, he diagnosed it as a difference in blade-tip configuration between it and the stock lever. He offered to have one of their techs walk me through the necessary alterations on the phone; or, if I wished, he told me to send him both levers and one of his people would do it for me.... for free! Of course I chose the latter: having much more confidence in the RPP experts than in my own amateur efforts. Mailed the levers to RPP on 3/15... and received the custom-fitted one back on 3/31--- a mere 16 days later. And now it fits, and functions, perfectly! Prettier to look at, and easier and more comfortable to operate. IMO, the folks at RPP set the standard: offering exceptional quality products, along with exceptional customer service. They've earned my loyalty and respect the old-fashioned way.

Jeff M. 

Nice! Fits my large hands way better than the stock marlin lever. Great customer support as it needed a little finishing, and a couple phone calls to overcome my skittishness but easily doable by anyone who can listen, read and follow simple instructions.

mark l 

I have the marlin 1894 in .357. I wanted a more comfortable lever, and one I could use with gloves on in the cold. Shipping was fast, and the machine work and finish on the big loop lever was top notch. The new lever was easy to install, and works great, didn't have to do anything extra to it. I got the stainless lever, it looks really sharp against the blued rifle and gold trigger. Had to send my son a picture, he likes the way it looks too. Really happy with the way it turned out !

ShortyStroke on MOF 

I just finished mounting the Rhino scope rail on one of my 336 Marlins. It allowed me more adjustment fore and aft than the previous Weaver mount. I moved the scope forward about 1/2" from its previous location. It is now right in its "sweet spot". I'm toying with going with an illuminated hog scope on it, after deer season.


My recent order of RPP Marlin Papoose Handguard and Accessory Collar came within two days and was easy to assemble. When shooting, I need to support the rifle against something for stability and the guard is very helpful. I also got the sling stud and the rifle now balances nicely when carrying over my shoulder. The parts are well made, look and fit well, and complete the rifle. I am very pleased and glad that I purchased them. The website and ordering also was clear and easy to use for searching and ordering the parts.

Don T (Shortstroke on MarlinOwners) 

Ordered a Rhino rail for use on one of my 336 Marlins. Received it promptly. It fit perfectly and allowed me to move my scope forward about 1/2", getting it right in its sweet spot. Well worth the money.

Roger E. 

RPP did such a good job turning my old worn out 3-Gun AR into a fine precision rifle I'm bringing them my latest project to do the final critical work. 5-Stars baby.


Folks, awhile back Adam sent me a Rhino Rail to critique and yes, it was free. And since it was free some people might think I could be biased but honestly, I could find nothing to critique as the engineering, finish, laundry list of features and robust quality built into this mount speaks for itself. And for that reason Adam sincerely deserves serious kudos. This Rhino Rail is awesome! The only thing I mentioned is a personal preference for short rails being that is what I'm used to. Though the more I think about it I like this length for several reasons. One being the length affords mounting your scope further forward than you can on shorter rails. Obviously, beneficial to those with a short LOP. Adam also mentioned they are working on offering a back up sight upgrade that will not interfere with even low mounted optics. And should your optic fail, or fog up, or for whatever reason, quick release your optic and your back up sight keeps you in the hunt. Best of all, Adam is able to retrofit these optional back up sights into all his rails. He really does think of everything. Yet, I have to say one of the slickest features is the self-centering torx drive screws and accompanying wrench which eliminates concern with R&R and maintaining zero which is a great feature. And it works brilliantly. As some know I like to mount my optics as low as possible and the Rhino Rail is slightly lower than what I've always used being Weavers 63B rail. And with all the extra features the Rhino Rail offers it's a slam dunk, IMO. This one will be used on my 338MX as soon as I make up my mind on the scope for it. Honestly, this rail offers so much value for the money, I'll be using this rail on all my Marlins going forward. MarlinOwnersForum 

Dimitri T 

Adam and team are true gunsmith professionals, incredibly knowledgeable, paying attention to details and goal oriented. I had an unconventional project with them, which required more attention, lots of research and a lot of patience. The have delivered the result 110%. Guys, I appreciate your understanding and staying in touch throughout an entire process.

Chuck S 

Ordered a large loop for my Marlin 1895g. Fit was absolutely perfect. Cycled it 30 or so times and removed it. Identified rubbing surfaces, stoned and polished them reinstalled. Smooth as butter just like the original lever. I formerly did a stone and polish job on all internal parts. The lever catch hole in the new loop was drilled about .015" deeper than the original Marlin lever. I now have to replace the catch spring because I formerly shortened it. No big deal. Just be aware you may have to replace it if you shortened your original spring. I may just cut out a .015" shim and try that. I am very pleased no 'fitting' was required. When I receive my 1894c in a few weeks, I probably be ordering one for it.

steven marlowe 

this is the 3rd item i have ordered and have not been disappointed yet. I bought the large lever for my 1895G 450 Marlin and it looks and works great. No more banged knuckles-just can not tell you how good their products are you have to try them.These guys are on top of these levers.Thanks Again

Khough MOF 

Finally got to play with the .308 ME Factory Crimp Die. It works great! The problem I have been having with the bullets when seating them with the Hornady seating die is that the FTX bullets need to be crimped right in the middle of the canellure in order to get the .2590 OAL. The roll crimp that the seating die puts on the brass isn't a tight enough crimp to hold the bullets in place. The bullets move up and down the width of the cannelure. By utilizing the FCD, I am now able to put a nice crimp on the brass holding the bullet in place and achieve the .2590 AOL.

Mark M 

UPS just dropped off one BAD ASS little rifle! I am thrilled with how it turned out. People choose to customize a firearm, or anything else for that matter, to make it unique to them, to function better or to make it more accurate. In my case it was all of the above, but the unique to me part will be my favorite. A custom gun will be smooth, have a good trigger and shoot well, but more than that, it will excite the imagination of it’s owner making him want to hold it, shoulder it and just admire it. You have achieved all of that in this rifle. Thanks to you and the RPP team.

steven marlowe 

Hi just got the new lever for my 1894 and in a couple of minutes of changing plunger assembly it fit like a glove,looks great now i can hardly wait for the new 1895 straight lever for my 450 so my knuckles will be safe

NC Gun Owner 

Got my Marlin 336 30-30 back from ranger point precision in Texas. I had the barrel cut down to 16.5", mag tube cut back, bbl band stretched to fit the bbl further back, new dove tail cut for front sight, and had him also replace my lever plunger spring because it kept opening up while loading. I put a leupold quick release scope mount on. The rear sight was covered by the base, so i put a taller 1895 rear sight on. It still shoots 5" high at 50 yards so I'll have to get a new front sight made for it later. Right now it has a .580" gold bead. The new harvester can sounds great, its super light. Adam said i might see an accuracy increase from shortening the bbl. idk if its the bbl, suppressor, or ammo but with winchester 150 grain soft point super x, I was getting sub moa groups consistent at .75" moa with my rifle resting on a deck rail on a sweatshirt with a cheap bushnell 3-9 scope that was given to me.

Roger Eckstine 

Recently, I decided to dig my 12 year-old Bushmaster AR out of the safe and get it rebarreled. It was my 3-gun rifle years ago and had a 20in. bbl. which isn't the latest setup. It had a 1:9 twist and I'd pretty much shot it out. My practice sessions used to require wearing a welder's glove to hold the fore end (carbon fiber wasn't out yet). I bought a 20'' Wilson bull barrel (1:8-Wylde chbr) and took it to Ranger Point Precision. They had it back to me in 3 days. I went old school and did a break in procedure and 400 rounds later it shoots about 1/2 MOA loaded with Black Hills 77gr 223 or 5.56 and I haven't had a single malfunction.

Chris K. 

Ranger Point Precision has done two 1894s for me. One mild project consisting of an action job and stock replacement. One wild build consisting of barrel shortening, big loop & Grizzly forearm install, and metal & wood refinishing. They kept me informed through out the whole process. These are excellent gunsmiths with a bright future ahead of them.


Adam carefully inspected a bunch of new 1895 SBL's till he found the perfect one for me. He then performed his magic with an incredible trigger job and action work. The rifle is now one of the most accurate Marlins I have and a blast to shoot. Thank you Adam / Ranger Point Precision for all your help! Posted info on MOF from my amazing day at the range! Read the rest here.

Paul D 

Adam, I picked up the Marlin LeveRecon rifle yesterday. It's simply spectacular. The guys at the shop were drooling over it. You may see some additional orders come from that! Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to using it for many years to come!

K. Black 

Howdy! Yesterday I received your Big loop lever for the Marlin rifle. It fit my Marlin 30AS beautifully! No working of any kind had to be done, it works great! Thank you for a top quality item.

Josh W. 

After a recent hunt, I decided that I wanted a 30-30. After researching it, I knew I wanted a JM stamped Marlin. After exhaustive searching on the interwebs, I found Adam at Ranger Point Precision. I dropped an email to him and he gave me several options and patiently answered all of my questions. I finally decided on a a 1988 JM 336CS. Being that I'm into shooting quiet and wanted something different, I had Adam cut the barrel down to 16.5 and thread it. As an after thought, I also asked for a thread protector. I was given a very acceptable deadline time that it would be done and in fact, it was completed and ready to ship much earlier than expected. Now..the fun part..Read the rest on


My Marlin 444 - Another RPP Transformation! From "nice gun" to "all weather hunting machine." Thanks to Adam and the Ranger Point Precision team. Can't wait to try it out! Read about what was done and see before and after pics on MarlinOwners Forum 

Mark G. 

Hi Adam, Had to let you know that I am very pleased with the rifle [CZ-455 custom]. I can shoot inch groups at 100 yards with Winchester 333s, the cheapest bulk ammo I have found so far. CCI Standard Velocity and Green Tag are only a bit better, but that is because of me. I can hit 2-3 inch groups at 200 yards with the 333s, and I think it will get better as I get used to the trigger. The action is much smoother and more precise than my Marlin. My wife really likes it too. Looks pretty she says. Yesterday, I got lucky and put together a string of 4 rounds (CCI Green Tag) into a 1 inch group at 192 yards. I did it without the muzzle break with the Green Tag. Seems like CCI GT likes the rifle without the break, but the 36 grain CP HP Winchester does better with it. It is nice to have a rifle that allows this kind of accuracy. Thanks Again! Mark

Alex B. 

Just to let you know that I took that rifle on a hunting trip to Bandera, Texas. We left Houston on 1-11-2015 and got into the first blind just after 1500 hrs with no luck. On 1-12-2015 at 0530 hrs we were in the 2nd blind and again no luck. At 1500 hrs I was in the next blind and around 1645 hrs a cold front blew in I was not prepared for. The sudden change in weather was bad and I had left some of my cold weather stuff back at the camp house. I am sitting in a small blind about 4’x4’ it was a tight fit for me and facing to the east. I had windows on the north, east, and south sides of the blind. The wind started whipping up from the north to the south cutting right through the blind windows and me. The temperature suddenly dropped to the low forties. Still no activity and I was wondering if I was going to see anything at this point. By 1730 hrs the cold got the better of me and I started packing up my gear, unloaded my rifle and put it into the rifle bag. I just wanted to be ready when the ranch truck showed to jump in and get warm. I finished zipping up the rifle bag and noticed something moving across the ranch road to the south. When I looked up it there was a group of 5-6 white tail deer. The deer herd me inside the blind, as I was no longer trying to be quiet. They stopped and we are now staring at each other. At this point I am thinking just my luck! I told myself that I am not going home empty handed. The deer were on high alert watching me for a few minutes so I stopped moving. They calmed down and went about their business of circling around a grove of trees to my east and then north to the feeder. While they were on the move I reached down and quietly unzipped the rifle case and pulled out the rifle, my hands were so cold I could hardly move them. I fumbled around in my upper right front breast pocket of my jacket and grabbed a couple of rounds and loaded them into the rifle. Slowly and quietly I chambered a round. Picking out the largest doe, I aimed and fired. The deer dropped dead right where it was standing. Later we found the corn she picked up from the ground still in her mouth which she had not had chance to chew yet. I would have not been able to do what I did with a standard Marlin 336 rifle out of the box. The Ranger Point Precision built rifle was easy to load with my frozen hands and chamber a round quietly and smoothly by manipulating the lever action that was tuned by RPP. The deer had no idea what was coming. I was able to quickly get on target in that tiny blind, because of how short the rifle was. It was light enough to easily hold it on target with my shivering body and cold hands. I hit the deer exactly where I was aiming and dropped her like a sack of potatoes. I roughly calculated the distance from the blind to the deer feeder, where the deer laid dead was approximately 54 yards. The Hornady 160 grain Leverevolution bullet hit exactly where I was aiming. Thanks to the modifications made by Ranger Point Precision on my Marlin 336 30-30 and Hornady Leverevolution ammunition, I came with home with meat for the table. I would highly recommend Ranger Point Precision to anyone needing work on their firearms. Thank you for making the equipment I needed for a successful hunt. Alex B.

Mike F 

I purchased a JM Marlin 1895 45-70 as soon as I got it gave Adam at Ranger Point a call. He was very helpful that same day my gun was on its way. Adam was very helpful and answered all my questions via email/phone. My rifle came out way better then my expectations. Thank you!

Howard S 

I was happy to find a gunsmith to work on my Springfield XD. I dropped it off, one morning, for a trigger job and actually got a call, that afternoon, to pick it up. I took my XD back, yesterday, for night sight installation. That took a whole 20 minutes. Very happy with both transactions. Thanks, Patrick and Adam. I am definitely a repeat customer.

Fred F. 

They just refinished my M&M M10 AK 47 and it looks beautiful. The M10 is an excellent rifle in every respect, except for the finish. I picked out the Gun Kote OD green and left it up to Patrick as to were to apply it. He did a beautiful job. The balance of what's green and what's black is perfect. I'm very pleased.


I recently picked up a pretty clean pre-safety 1894 in .44 mag. As soon as it got here I boxed her up and sent it to Ranger Point Precision to have a few mods done to it: shortening the bbl to 16.5", full action/trigger job, Skinner Express sights, filling the rear factory dovetail, fit large loop lever, install recoil pad, slim the forearm, refinish the stocks, and finish all the metal in a gray KG Gunkote. I had in mind a handy truck rifle that would put the hurt on hogs, and also something that would be easy to pack around while hunting mountain lions in rough country. I have only had time to put 20 rounds through it but it shoots extremely well, I hope to give it a good workout this coming weekend! The Skinner sights are also a huge upgrade over factory, and I really like the way they look on these rifles. I also had them Gunkote the Skinner rear base, and I love how it just looks like a integrated part of the gun. I will say I can highly recommend Adam and Patrick at RPP. They are very easy to work with, have a quick turnaround, and do excellent work. You can see pics of the rifle and comments at  MarlinOwners Forum

Jay Banks "Tenderfoot" 

The guys at Ranger Point Precision have done two Marlins for me. The first one was chambered in the 35 Remington. The second was in 338 MX. They completely stripped the rifles down and applied the coating to all of the parts. Then the custom work on the stock that allows extra rounds to be stored securely. I have yet had a round to come loose from it. The rifles shoot GREAT! Adam test fires the rifles and then tweak's them if needed. He had the 35 grouping 3 shots that was touching at 100 yards. The 338 is right there with it also. I also sent them a T/C barrel that they threaded, put a flash suppressor on and permanently pinned to make it legal for deer hunting. Makes a nice compact package that shoots great groups. These guys will do all my gunsmith needs in the future. Fellow gun owners, you can't go wrong with Ranger Point Precision.

Jordan J 

I was needing some work done on my 336 30-30 for a suppressor. I found out on my last rifle that not every gunsmith can work well with Marlins/ lever actions. I wanted this one done right so I shipped it to Texas to have barrel and mag tube shortened, bbl threaded and a new dove tail cut for the front sight added. I couldn't have asked for anything better. The work was excellent! Great communication and customer service from Adam through out the process. I wouldn't think twice about sending them anything else of mine.

Darren L 

Adam at Ranger Point Precision did some work for me on a 1894 lever in 44mag. Customer service was beyond exceptional when it comes to honesty about services performed. I had some action work, threading, and a a bit of paint and metal work done. End product was exceptional, progress reports and issues were updated through email immediately, and all my issues were either solved or came with a guarantee to be solved. Would not hesitate to use them again. Well done.

David M 

I am a huge Marlin Lever Rifle fan and went to Ranger Point Precision because of the similar, if not greater passion that Adam has for them. Adam and Pat have since tuned up several Marlin Lever Rifles for me and I just took delivery on a refurbished and customized 1966 444 Marlin that was in very rough condition. The results are remarkable. They truly have a passion for what they do, are very helpful and informative, and are true artists. I highly recommend their gunsmithing services as well as their custom fit and finish services.

Tyler S 

I left you good feedback on gunbroker. The description/pictures didn't do this thing justice! This is probably one of the best looking (non wood) lever actions I have ever seen! I have have seen hundreds of thousands of firearms, this is one of the best lever actions! I helped Barrett develop the MRAD and got to see their pretty cool collection, they need one of these! I have been in firearm development for years, you really have something going here!

Logan DuBray 

i thought i would send you a picture of my Marlin with the new Lever. Firstly very happy!! looks great, feels great, and is slightly heavier and thicker which i really like. It was only slightly stuck when working that action the first few times, but now is smooth as silk after about 5 pulls great work!!!


My Marlin rifle shot great and the 3lb. trigger and action are much improved. - The safety also works well.....Thanks again

Mike "Gearhounds" on 

My 1895 Shorty Story - I picked up a Remlin "G" off GB. The front sight was slightly, but noticeably canted to the right. Test firing confirmed what I was afraid of- while accurate, it would not hit POA at varying distances. I contacted RPP and I explained my tale of woe, and Adam told me to ship it out. I sent it off immediately. In addition to the fix, I had him do the SightBrake/fire sight combo, and have the barrel cut down so that the overall length was a scant 16.25", with the brake permanently attached. Also had him add a coat of matte black Gun Kote on the metal parts. In the amount of time most companies take to ship an already assembled product, I received an email that my rifle was done. I was thrilled! It was shipped back, and the following pics can hardly due justice to the results. Enjoy! MarlinOwners Forum


I really like your loop... it's just right to me, and might have to add more later, ha! Installed the RPP Big Loop on my beloved .35 rem, ha! I have to say the loop fit perfectly, and no minor fitting of any kind required that the instructions said may have to be done on some rifles. Works slick in her cycling on the bench, and if I noticed anything different it may be that the locking plunger is slightly tighter/spring tension when closing the loop, but nothing major at all. Anyway, so far it feels great, looks cool, and I'm a happy camper... ;-)